Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Wednesday 18th - Crossed border into zimbabwe and headed to hwange national park. we got to our campsite which was so cool. we slept on a platform in our mosi nets which was so cool! the campsite had a waterhole which was spotlit so you could watch the animals drinking throughout the night. it was really amazing. we sat up in the view place for ages and saw so many elephants!
Thursday 19th - We were asked to leave the campsite today cos some people had complained about us being too nosiy bla bla so we headed to another campsite. was a cool place but the pool was well baltic. Had a chilled afternoon reading.
Friday 20th - Had an aweosme shower this morning and then we headed to vic falls via a local town. We had a presentation form the shear water company about the activities and then had our last officail meal off the truck of this section. We had a big truck cleanout and then a swim. elton changed us some money, the rate was 17000 ratehr than the bank rate of 250. We went to shoestrings in the evening n got pizza. I fell down a hole on my way to the toilet and sprained my ankle. man it hurt so much. i went for a swim with zoe to see if it would help - it didnt - and ended up hobbling home to the campsite.
Saturday 21st - Mags strapped up my ankle for me as it had swollen over night. At just gone 10 we headed to the bridge to do the bungi jump. it was quite a long walk down so tht hurt quite a bit. we saw a video and then got our harnesses on. harry was the first to jump n didnt quite make it on the first countdown. i was 2nd of us 3 to jump and didnt really feel too nervous. however, then i got strapped in. and the guy put all his weight on my bad ankle to pull the strap tight and man i can not actually describe how much it hurt. i really wouldnt reccoment doing a bungi with a sprained ankle! It came to my time to jump and i jumped off straight away. It was an amazing experience. it was so cool. i jumped and i was thinking, cripes im actually falling through the air. the 4 seconds of free fall were awesome. seriously amazing. eeh!! the view was quite nice too!!! i actually looked! lol. HEHE. I DID A BUNGI!!!!! When i got up off the bungi i felt quite ill and actually found it hard to walk in a straight line. lol. we headed back to the campsite and i took the entire afternoon to recover form the jump! how pathetic! lol. we sat dangling our feet in the pool with some girls we had met in the morning and then joined them for pizza in the evening. Went to shoestrings again i nthe evening.

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