Monday, 19 March 2007


So ive now started on the second stage of my trip. ill fill you all on in my last days at Chagaik (when i have my diary on me so i can remember it all!) another time. I arrived back in nairobi to stay at the hotel boulevard for one night on sunday 18th after a 6 hour bus ride. i was delighted to find they had hot water and promptly had a bath! it was great! so good. lol. i then sat by the pool for a while reading and then retreated to my room to do a bit of washing. I was lying in bed about to go to sleep when my phone started ringing, i was a bit lyk what the, but i answered it anyway n it turned out to be auntie which was a lovely suprise. was well good to talk to her!
I had to be in reception at 10 today (monday) to join with the group. i was a bit worried about who would be in the group but its very snazzy, there are 2 guys my age (harry n tom) and 2 older people (tim n mags) n then zoe n elton are our leadery people. me, harry and tom went to the giraffe sanctuary today. was well cool. were feeding them lots n playin with them. harry n tom got giraffe kisses but i was satisfied with just playin with them! we did a giraffe puzzle as well! lol. our truck is well cool. it actually going to be so good! lol. well excited about the coming weeks!
but yeah, ill miss chagaik but very excited and enjoyin myself! will fill in the gaps next time, tara x

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Mucho news!

Wow. Again, so much to say... so little time! lol. ive just had a really good weekend but didnt get to come online so i now have even more to up from! but heres another brief overview! im thoroughly enjoyin myself but am missin people!!
Fri 23rd Feb - Today Sallys school had a development day which i went to with risper. got to look through her books n talk to her teacher etc. shes a clever little girl, one of the top in her class. lol. after that we went to town n risper got her hair done. i came online for a bit to save boredom but there was still a lot of waiting to be done - her hair took about 6 hours. yes thts right. 6!!!! lol.
Sat 24th Feb - We went to visit Elijahs family / his house in the village and also went to Rispers village house. Was quite interesting to see some more ways of life! Everyone is so welcoming here and they always thank you for visiting. tis cute! was quite a long drive home n i had quite a bad headache - i think its the malaria tablets. they taste sooo bad. and ive been having some well funny dreams that seem so real! dunno if its the tablets or not cos they arent scary or anything which are possible side effects. hmm....
sun 25th Feb - Sally decided to try to teach me english this evening..... needless to say, i got everything right! lol.
mon 26th Feb - My english lessons can get quite funny cos im doing pronounciation work with them n my accents is a bit strange to them. they try to imitate it sometimes which is amusing. There was a big storm this evening. Was so loud!
Tue 27th Feb - I used the shower in the house for the first time this morning (have been usually using a bowl of water) and man it was cold. so cold. after washing my hair and forcing myself under the water i wrapped up n went back to bed to warm up! lol. re read the boy in striped pyjamas this evening. it is a well good book. i reccomend it! along with the historian (elizabeth kostova)!
Wed 28th Feb - Bit of a meh day today but would be the same newhere. went into town in the evening with Ishmail n he took me to an internet cafe but it took 20 min for me to open 1 email. i was lyk i quit! lol. started to rain on our walk back to school so we got a bit wet. lol.
Thur 1st March - I had a geography lesson today for the first time. i thought i didnt do too good a job but the teacher told me it went really well n asked me to do one the next day too! lol. hehe. whenever i walk between chagaik n my house i go past some kids from the primary school n they always call out 'mzungo' (white person or something along those lines) and 'how are you'. tis cute. n i always reply - fine thans! lol. they laugh lots!
Fri 2nd March - My second geog lesson went better than the first i though, n i left feeling quite happy / proud! lol. Went to Davids (the deputys) house for the weekend. the drive to get there was so funny. we were behind a uni bus at one point n the students opened the back window n were all leaning like half out waving n stuff at me. was so funny. i couldnt keep a straight face, i waved back! lol. was glad when we over took cos felt a bit silly! lol. i met davids family n his wife, christine, is lovely. he has a kid thts 1yr4months who was quite scared of me to start with! lol. he has 2 other kids as well. this house was in the village so they only had a pit latrine so u hoped i didnt have to go to the loo during the night! lol.
Sat 3rd March - I went with Christine, Esther (helper around the house), Kevin n Godwil to visit Sandra at her boarding school today. Went for a couple of walks in the afternoon with Christine. we got on really well. she told me about how she had been worried about me visiting - like as in what to feed me etc cos she thought white people were really delicate - but said tht she was loving having me! it was so cute!
sun 4th March - lol. i got up during the night to go to the loo n found esther n chebet (christines sister) sleeping on the floor in the lounge - think i ust have taken the bed n esther got up n waited for me to go n stuff to make sure i was ok! Sat in sun reading this morning. n in afternoon went for a drive to the forest n they showed m,e the greenhouses where flowers are going. we went for tea in her cousins house n i met the church pastors. they asked me how old i was n were well suprised when i said 19. Christines cousin, who was 29, said he had thought i was older than him!!! lol. when home i showed them the photos i ahd brought with me n they thought ryan was very handsome! i took some photos n Esther gave me some necklaces.
Mon 5th March- Was sad saying goodbye to Davids family, Christine gave me a necklace n two rings - one for me n one for ryan!! aww! i taught an english lesson n did a picture listening thing with them n half the stuidents didnt do it. so i told them we would do it again next lesson n if they didnt do it they would have to do it on the board! lol. came hiome to find loo leaking. after a meeting with the students who are visiting the high in july i told mr langat. it got sorted out in the evening n i played some cards with mr langat. ooh! i completed the clock solitaire game for the first tym ever! was well happy. lol.
Tue 6th March - I went to school early today cos Peter had asked me to do some duty thing for him. There were some students that were late. n i saw the head teacher telling them off n then he proper wacked one of them round the head for running to get into school when she was late or something. i was well shocked. risper had sed something about beating was a punishment but today was the first time i had seen anything to do with tht. i was not impressed, but i guess thts just the way things are over here. Completed clock solitaire thing again today. was shocked! must be a run! taught another geog lesson. im well enjoying them. am staying with risper again tonight so thts why im online! im here whilst shes at physio.
So there we go!!!! Lots n lots of news from me! Tis well wierd to think ive been away from home for a month now. its gone much quicker than borneo did. tis wierd!
neways, until next time!