Monday, 29 January 2007


Not long to go now. eek! just over a week. am trying to get stuff sorted out and today has been a day of that. Had to do the mammoth task of tidying my bedroom before i could even start with the whole organising my kit. But its done now n all my things are in little piles, ready to be added to, or taken away from. will have to go shoppping for more stuff tomorrow. not sure how im going to fit over 6 months worth of stuff into a bag.... hmm. oh well. im sure ill manage somehow. must go make more lists now. so many lists!

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Test run!

Testing, testing!! Well, the day is getting closer and theres still so much to do! Ive had all my jabs and ive got all my pills so at least that side is sorted! Am awaiting news of a possible home for Tontollo *fingers crossed* so hopefully that will be something else crossed off my list! Anyways, this post was mainly just to see how it went so.... tara! x