Friday, 15 June 2007

2nd Trip - Zim!

Sunday 22nd - Officially today was Toms last day on the trip n we were getting new people joining us for the second stage of the trip. We got 3 new recruits, steve, laura n cliff. Had a relatively relaxing day, joined the guys n atc girls in the pool where tom n harry had us in hysterics. We did a sunset cruise and then onto shoestrings. me n laura managed to convince one of the bar guys tht we were from greenland n we spoke greenish n our national colour was purple for over an hour. this failed when another one turned up and didnt think greenland was a country so we were unable to convince hime. we were remover from the 'cool scale' for tht littel stunt. lol.
Monday 23rd - Had to get up for 6 as was doing an ultralight flight over the falls this morning. It was well awesome cos i got to do it just as the sun was rising so it looked amazing. had a tomato craving in the afternoon so went n bought a tomato. lol. shoestrings again in evening and then on to another bar when it closed n then back to shoestrings to help one of the guys close up as we were wasting the evening as tom had a well early bus in the morning so we planned not to go to sleep! Read Toms evaluation form, highly amusin! We sed good bye *sob* and then we headed back to go to sleep at 5.30.
Tuesday 24th - We headed off th Hwange again today and after seeing Harrys upgrade i promptly decided to get one myself which was the best decision i have ever made! it was amazing!!! it was a kind of log tree house cabin thing with a 4 poster double bed with so many pillows, a bath and a view over the floodlit water hole! I sat in bed tht night and fell asleep watching elephants at the water hole. so amazing!
Wednesday 25th - Had to get up at 4 this morning to do breakfast before our morning game drive. it was so cold and i just wanted to be in my bed! lol. The jeep was open sided so on the drive to the park it was freezing and we were all huddles under blankets to keep warm. on arriving we did a walking safari. On our drive safari we finally got to see some cheatas which was sooo cool!!! Had a chilled afternoon, playing cards and in the pool - which was baltic. i had a bath whilst watching the elephants (so surreal but awesome!) and the guys came and sat in my room cos i had the best view!

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