Thursday, 22 February 2007


I figured id just give you a brief update on what ive been doing since i got here seen as i havent been able to post as often as i would have liked to!!!
Wed 7th - i arrived in Kenya at 8.00am and was met by samwel langat and david. we proceeded tochagaik, doing a couple of things on the way. arrived at about 5.30 after having experienced the interesting roads! felt a lil homesick / scared n spent the evenin by myself.
thurs 8th - went to school for about 7.30. attended some lessons. sat chatting with some students in afternoon whilst they were having games. felt much more content today! there school days are well long. 7.30 - 5!!!!
fri 9th - had to speak in assembly today, was a bit 'i dont no what to say' but it was fine. went toa sports dayn it was here tht i got burnt. went to a teachers house in the evening
sat 10th - visited rispers (thts the teacher i stayed with) brothers family in the afternoon. rofl - spmetimes the roads are so bad you can feel the bottom of the cartouching the road!!!
sunday 11th - visited a different teachers home (john) today. had lots of fresh pineapple. very scrummy!!!!
mon 12th - there was a meeting for the form ones in the afternoon as theyare new to the school. it went on for 3 hours!!!! lol. i had to say a bit about life at ahsto them.
tue 13th - started planning my lessons today. did some washing. lol.
wed 14th - valentines day. really missed ryan today!!!! *sob* i taught my first english lesson today, it was the form 2 class. went for walk in evening. names written on the bamboo!!!
thursday 15th - taught form 1 today. prefered teacheing them to the form 2 class. went to rispers house in evening.
friday 16th - changed some money this mornin as hadent changed enough at airport. went to davids (another teacher) house after school. was chattin to his nephew as he was my age and had finished school.
sat 17th - went to davids farm and milked the cow. really nice day but had well bad headache in the evening. went to bed quite early!
sun 18th - went to church today. we were there for 4 hours n it hadnt even finished when we left! it seemed to go on for a bit cos it was all in kswaheli so i didnt understand any of it!!! lol.
mon 19th - caught taxi in this morning. there was 10 of us squished in a normal car. haha. today was classic. i came home from school at one point n went into my 'kitchen'. was just about to wash a knife n i went to the sink and there was a lizard sitting on my sponge in the sink!!!!! obv (ad quite embarrasingly!!!) i squealed lyk a little girl!!!! rofl. i composed myself and then the first most important thing to do was to take a photo!!! lol. then went to the school n found mr langat n asked him to help me! lol. he came n sorted it out for me. lol. he flicked it out the sink onto the floor n i had to supress the urge to jump on a chair as it ran for my feet! lol. he eventually got it out of the house after it had run under my sofa. rofl. made me giggle lots. lol.
tue 20th - the students are having test atm so have done some stapling of exam papers. i invigilated an english exam and have been given their papers to mark. there are lyk 116 of them!!
wed 21st - invigilated 2 more exams today n finished my marking. highest score was 19/20, and lowest 7.5/20. went to rispers house. was well tired for some reason. we watched the end of tht 'modern' cinderella film n a bit of bewitched. was bizarre, although i was well tired i well couldnt sleep when i went to bed! lol.
thur 22nd - did lots of adding up for the teachers today on the students papers. added up some biology marks, a couple of stundents got 1/60!!!! the students are on half term now (they only get friday off for half term) so am stayin with risper again. shes gone for some physio atm so im sittin in an internet cafe!!!
well. there we go. thts a brief overview of my life so far!!! hope i havent bored you!!! \
tara for now, x

Saturday, 17 February 2007


Well, i arrived in Kenya on Wednesday 7th and was met at the airport by Samwel Langat and David someone and we head off to Chagaik. The roads are thopuroughly interesting!!! Very bumpy!!! And i mean very!!! lol. Chagaik school is situated in the tea fields with the mau forest in the background. its is soo pretty here! ive done quite a bit of stuff so far, have taught some english lessons which was interesting! lol. had to teach 'telephone etiquette' i felt so stupid, but hey! lol. my little house is quite cute, however had a fair few ants in it the other night which was a bit iffy. have stayed with some teachers at the weekend and today i went to one of theirs houses in the village and milked a cow!!!! lol. went for a walk the other day and was shown how to pick tea (you pick the top two leaves n the bud) and we walked to the tea factory. ive learnt some phrases; mimi ni rafiki yaku = i am your friend!!!
its lovely weather here, i got a bit burnt one day but am ok now. lol, i really dont understand how hannah decided not to stay at Chagaik, im having a really good time!! am missing everyone though!
have been chatting to some students n people n comparing things in kenya with england. One guy that i was chatting to last night saide a couple of his friends had been suspended for 2 weeks for being found drunk, and not even drunk at school. lol.
am finding getting on the internet a bit harder than thought, but its ok. tis quite cheap, only one shilling a min, n its like 149 shillings to a pound. so all in all tis quite good!
but yeah, i should probs dash. keep in touch, it would be lovely to hear from peeps!!
tara x