Monday, 23 April 2007


Thursday 5th April - The bed that i slept in last night was so good. the most comfortable one ie been in since being in Africa. Had another early start as another drive day ahead so i just sayed in my pjs as i new i would just sleep on the truck. whilst driving we passed anothr drago truck and so we stopped, jumped out (me still in my pjs) and had a bit of a chat, much to the locals amusement. its so funny, whenever we stop for lunch or something we always draw crowds of curious people. they must think were crazy, especially when we start our flapping (our effective method of drying plates etc, highly amusing!)! Anyway we stopped for lunch, changed some money and then went to the border. We completed the border (me still in my pjs!!) and headed to chitimba beach. The first thing i did after set up was head to the showers. it was so good to get in there cos it was so hot. i finally changed into some clothes for the evening, granted they were dirty, but it felt so good. We met another truck at the beach and it was one of their guys bdays so they had an interesting night. The moonlight on the beach was so pretty!
Friday 6th - We drove in Mzuzu today and then headed on to Kande beach. First thing i did on arriving was gather my clothes and give them to some laundry person. Met some peeps who were working in Malawi with VSO and spent evening chatting with them and playing table football. Buffalo steak for dinner - so good!
Saturday 7th - Borrowed a tshirt off Elton today as had put all mine in for washing. spent morning lying on beach reading and chatting to some peeps from the other truck and VSO. Went swimming in the lake after lunch, felt so wierd to be calling it a lake. We dressed each other up and headed to the bar. Changed again (into normal clothes) and then played some more table football. was good, me n hill won at pool, with me doing the most flukey shot ever to pot the black! Was the most amazing lightening stom and so we sat on the beach watching tht for ages. so lovely.
Sunday 8th - Went to the loo at 7 and then straight back to sleep, only to be woken rather rudely at 9 by the heat. man it was hot. chatted to liz for a while and then joined the other truck swimming in the lake. was great fun as it had amazingly large waves today. Lay in the sun and then went riding with zoe in the afternoon. was well funny - she had had a bit of a heavy night the night before and was quite hungover. The ride was awesome, however my shoes were pants to ride in so i went barefoot. It was the funniest thing ive seen in so long, but zoe, bless her, as we passed some strongly smelling thing ended up throwing up over the side of her hose. so so so funny. giggled so much. We took the horses into the sea after the ride and went swimming with them. i got pushed off by a wave which was highly amusing. Chatted ith Peter in the bar and had an early night.
Monday 9th - Left Kande beach today without any of us having taking any photos of the area. good one. lol. We got to our campsite and were shown where abouts on the ;lawn not to put our tents due to the tarantula (chris) living there. Managed to update my blog to the end of Chagaik today. go me! lol.
Tuesday 10th - We spent the day in Lilongwe today n me tom n harry decided to play golf. was so amusing. the guys had to borrow shoes off random people before they were allowed onto the course and the prices was were amusing cos they kept saying its this for this, plus this for this plus this plus this ... etc. lol. Went to the supermarket and headed back to campsite. When i went to bed i saw the largest spider in my tent ( i had stupidly left my tent open during the day) and so i went and fetched some peeps to remove it for me. such a girl. lol.


rusafur said...

where are you!!!

Lisa said...

haha, loved ur bit about the spider!! Thnks for ur email, will return it when I get time, out and about lots atm! Seems like ur loving ur travels, can't wait to hear more, hopefully in person! Love u and miss u, Lis xxxxx